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Pole Dance Artist Henriikka Roo – In English


Pole dance artist Henriikka Roo is a performer and an ambitious coach. She has numerous cups from Finnish as well as from international competitions. Still when asked, she names her biggest achievement to be the ability of changing the public image about pole dancing. Henriikka aims to shift the common understanding of the dance more diverse, sporty and family friendly.

Contact and bookings: henriikka@henriikkaroo.fi


Pole Dance Show
Launching party for your business? Pre-Christmas? Or why not a wedding?! Your next event will be remembered from the gravity challenging pole show! Henriikka has an amazingly smooth style that can take the daylight. Her shows find every audience in competitions as well as other stages both in Finland and aboard. New style Flying pole now included in the show repertoar.

Coaching and workshops
Teaching and coaching for all levels! Workshops such as Henriikka’s Aysha-School, Jumps to the pole… Ask also possibilities for Flying Pole -training.
Henriikka has POSA coaching degree from Pole Sports and Arts World Federation and long competing, coaching, and judging experience.

Hosting and PR
As a performer she enjoys also hosting the stage. Whether it is about a sports event or a technician trade show she will deliver it with ease. Even the most technical facts about your product will not silence Henriikka since she has Master of Sciense in technology.


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Unfortunately Henriikka’s My Glorious Gig Life -blog is currently available only in Finnish.
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